You’ve got to love them, our favorite Hollywood Stars. From near and far, and all kinds of different backgrounds they grind their crafts here and there until finally, someone in Hollywood, the real one this time and not all those less than holy gigs they have had to drag themselves through… until finally someone… I was saying… notices them.

For some, it’s been a hard journey, littered with tears, bad decisions and compromises, whilst for others, the right agent, in a particularly generous mood showed up one blessed day and took them under their wings, and then walked them, triumphantly into the Promised Land.

How about these bad decisions though… A poor choice of a gig?, The realization that a bed or two might have to be shared in the hope that any frolicking under the midnight sheets, whether wanted or not will lead to that promised land? The “you do this for me honey, and in turn, I might do this for you” un-holy trade?

How many beds? How money egos to service before anything good happens? I have often wondered how many truly gifted actors have slipped through the cracks simply because they refused to compromise their virtues by sliding into the unwanted arms (or more) of a sleazy agent, director, staff member who “knows someone that screwed someone else and who owes them a favor or two, one which they would be only too pleased to call in, if… if you would just sleep with me”.

Hollywood… The kingdom of fame, and despair, of sex and abuse, where cheap phone sex is a daily currency, you see, one has to be prepared to flirt by phone with any would be potential director… and if they are good at it, at phone sex that is, then they might be allowed to graduate to a one on one encounter where the exchange of oohs and aahs takes on a whole together different shape. Instead of what would you be doing for me honey if you were laying right next to me, now we’re talking about… Lay there honey and show me what you can do.

For many of these Hollywood Stars, the most important performance is that which they give in private with as sole judge and spectator, those people they have to please. How they please them often times determines if they have a future in Hollywood or if they might just as well become adult chat operators since at least in that field, they have been able to impress their lord and master.
I often rile at how much money these actors make, the luxury they live in, the fame and all the perks, until I remember what it took them to rise to the top in the first place.

Would you do it? I don’t know if I would…